Revolutionary Storage Technology
for Renewable Energy.

Our vision: To make renewable energy available at every point in the world. Flexible provision of renewable energy when and where required. Realization of the Paris Treaty to reduce CO2 emmissions by shiftig demand to renewable energy sources.

From the idea to a workable solution.

To make our vision become reality we have developed the APEXIS storage system.

The APEX solution delivers energy for individual consumption profiles to every point on earth reliably around the whole year.

Hydrogen from green sources is the future of the energy industry

Apex delivers as certified full-service-specialist custom made solutions for the energy of tomorrow. For industry and businesses, housing associations, network operators, energy supply for remote areas or mobile applications - hydrogen is the driver for an emission-free future.

Saubere Energie mit  Wasserstoff-Brennzellen- Technologie

Clean Energy via Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most common natural element which can be found in pure or bound form practically everywhere. It belongs to all living organism and is of course part of our most vital element water.

Japan has already introduced a national hydrogen strategy in 2017 and in Germany hydrogen was identified as a future technology for sector coupling energy solutions.

The right step towards the future can be so easy.

Hydrogen Competence Center Northern Germany

At our facility in Rostock-Laage directly next to the airport APEX Energy operates the Hydrogen Competence Center for Northern Germany. Within the 12.000 m2 production hall and 1.800 m2 office space we selectively bundle know-how and push necessary research efforts.

Together with the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT) and the university of Stralsund APEX is involved in several projects focused on delivering hydrogen solutions to the market.

Market leading companies from the area of fuel cell and electrolyzer are complementing the APEX competence in Rostock-Laage.

In the year 2020 we will put into operation the largest network connected hydrogen plant in Europe to ensure the supply of the whole site with CO2 neutral energy.