Project references

In the project business, APEX focuses on designing, permitting, and commissioning turnkey solutions for CO2-neutral energy supply using hydrogen. After developing it in-house, the company launched Europe’s largest, at that time, grid-connected hydrogen plant at the company’s Rostock/Laage site in May 2021. This fully operational power-to-hydrogen and power-to-power reference plant has an electrolysis capacity of 2 MW.


APEX covers the entire range of possible uses for hydrogen, including:

  • Production of green electricity
  • Storage
  • Reconversion to electricity by a combined heat and power plant and/or fuel cell
  • Refueling infrastructure for buses, trucks, and cars
  • Trailers filled to 300 bar for transport to regional hydrogen customers
  • Combination battery storage system is showcased for efficiency

Based on this complex system, APEX can offer a unique range of services in the project business.




APEX is developing another reference project in Rostock/Laage: a 100 MW electrolysis plant with a production capacity of more than 7,500 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, which can then be fed into a pipeline. This is one of 62 major German projects in the pre-selection for European IPCEI funding (Important Projects of Common European Interest).

Further information on the IPCEI major projects “doing hydrogen” can be found at:



FE2O3 + 3H2 = green steel

Project data HyBit Bremen

Electrolysis capacity: 10 MW
H2-Storage: 600 kg  
Production capacity:       180 kg/h, 1.560 t/y
Usable oxygen:                 1.440 kg/h
CO2-Reduction:                 21.000 t/y
Implementation:            24 Months

For further information on this reference, please see our press release.

Living Laboratory H2-WYHLEN

CO2-neutral production of green hydrogen

Image credit: Energiedienst

Project data hydrogen living laboratory "H2-Wyhlen"

Electrolysis capacity:      5 MW   
H2-Storage:                                      approx. 3.300 kg 
Production capacity:       90 kg/h, approx. 735 t/y
Usable waste heat:        approx. 12 GWh
Trailer filling stations:    4 Stations
Implementation:              28 Months

For further information on this reference, please see our press release.


Green H2-filling stations for cars, buses, and H2-trailers

Project Data hydrogen filling station for heavy-duty vehicles

Electrolysis capacity:                    2 MW                  
H2-Production rate:                         36 kg/h
4x 20′ H2-Storage containers:     200 kg H2-Capacity (60 bar)
Daily Capacity:                                 • 80 Cars • or 10 Buses/Trucks • or 1x 20’ H2-Trailer (300 bar)
Implementation:                              8 – 12 Months

For further information on this reference, please see our press release.