In the Project business, APEX focuses on the conceptual design, development and delivery of turnkey solutions for CO2-neutral energy supply with hydrogen. APEX has developed and built Europe’s largest grid-connected hydrogen plant at the company’s premises in Rostock-Laage. This is a fully functional power-to-hydrogen and power-to-power reference plant with an electrolysis capacity of 2 MW.

At APEX, we are able to demonstrate the full range of possible hydrogen usages:

  • production from green electricity
  • storage
  • reconversion to electricity by a combined heat and power plant and/or fuel cell
  • a refueling infrastructure for buses, trucks and cars
  • trailers filled to 300 bar for transport to regional hydrogen customers
  • a combination battery storage system is showcased for efficiency

Based on this complex system, comparable to the way a conductor coordinates the instruments of an orchestra to create the perfect ensemble, APEX’s Project business offers multiple unique operational solutions. APEX is able to tailor every component individually, using our own specifically developed software to deliver the requested outcomes.

Importantly, APEX’s self-made hydrogen storage systems allows for a range of services in which we develop, support and maintain:


Decentralized and CO2-neutral energy supply for residential quarters, logistics or business parks and hotels. Based on the customer’s needs, APEX experts design a concept for a CO2-neutral, hydrogen-based power and heat supply.

Island Solution

Self-sufficient and CO2-neutral energy suppliedy consistently to customers from remote locations or islands with significant disruptive or no power supply.

Grid Stability

Ensuring grid stability through battery and hydrogen storage to compensate fluctuating feed-ins, resulting in irregularity of traditional power and heat supply.


Hydrogen infrastructure solutions, including hydrogen refueling stations for buses, trucks and cars.

IPCEI Major Projects

Hydrogen solutions for industry, large-scale production of green hydrogen for local, industrial application or feeding into the gas grid or for exportation. APEX is developing another reference project at Rostock-Laage with a 100 MW electrolysis plant that can produce up to 7,000 tons of green hydrogen per year which can then be fed into a pipeline. We are one of 62 major projects in the final selection of Important Projects of Common European Interests (IPCEI).

Our Project business, delivers complex individual solutions to all of our customers.

More information on the IPCEI major projects “doing hydrogen” at:

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