Our solutions for Real-Estate

Project “Villa”

Self-Sustaining Residential Buildings

Renewable power supply: 111 kW Wind Power
Electrolyser capacity: 120 kW
Hydrogen storage: 40′ APEX hydrogen storage container

Yearly production: 1162 kg of hydrogen

→ 97 % self-sustaining electrical power
→ 52 % self-sustaining gas power

Overall implementation: 12 – 16 months

Real-Estate Solutions

New Buildings

Renewable power supply: from 110 kWp to 500 kWp
Electrolysis capacity: from 120 kW to 260 kW
APEX hydrogen storage: 40′ hydrogen storage container
Yearly hydrogen production: from 1100 kg to 1700 kg

→ Fully self-sustaining electrical & gas power

Implementation period: 12 – 16 months

Our solutions for Remote Locations

Island Solutions

Providing energy supply for off-grid, remote locations

Fuel Cell: from 1 kW
CHP, Heat pump
Hydrogen supply through APEX storage container

→ Generally independent from the main source
→ Yearly coverage
→ CO2 free, no certificate needed
→ Primarly self-sustaining
→ Transportable solution

Our solutions for Grid Stability

Grid Stability

Hydrogen powerplant to manage with unforeseen fluctuations

Due to fast growing Renewable Energy Supply, the Grid stability is undermined.

APEX Green Hydrogen Powerplant provides instant power supply, acting as buffer to deliver at peak demand.

→ Min. 50 MWp photovoltaics, Min. 6 MW electrolysis, 2 MWh battery storage, 1 MW fuel cell

Grid stability with the benefits of renewable energy sources

Our solutions for Industrial Infrastructure and Business Parks

Industrial Park Solutions

Solution to decarbonize the value chain of Industry players

The entire production process of any eligible (applicable) product or service is being decreased in their CO2 emission.
For our customer to stay competitive and to decrease CO2 taxation & certificate budgets, APEX is providing tailor made solutions:

Renewable power supply: exceeding 100 MW
Electrolyser capacity: exceeding 20 MW
Fuel Cell & CHP for electricity and heat generation
Hydrogen refueling stations, for trucks, forklift, or service cars

Overall implementation: 18 – 36 months

Green Hydrogen Plant

Producing Green Hydrogen and its derivatives such as LOHC & e-Fuels from renewable sources

Renewable power supply: exceeding 50 MW
Electrolyser capacity: exceeding 10 MW

APEX storage system

→ replace / mixed with natural gas in gas turbine
→ Mobility, Fuel Cell vehicles
→ LOHC (Ammonia, Formic Acid)

Our solutions for Mobility and Transportation

Hydrogen Refueling Station

Green Hydrogen Refueling Station for cars, buses and hydrogen tube trailer

Electrolyser capacity: 2 MW
Hydrogen production rate: 36 kg/h

2 refueling stations:  700 kg H2 / day refueling capacity
4 x 20′ APEX hydrogen storage container: 200kg H2 capacity (60 bar)

Daily capacity:
→ 100 cars or
→ 20 buses or
→ 2 x 20’ hydrogen tube trailer (300 bar)

Overall implementation: 8 – 12 months

Industrial Hydrogen Refueling Station

Ideal for industrial use in warehouses, harbours & production facilities

Hydrogen tube trailers refueled and delivered by APEX
Refueling station capacity: ranging from 20 kg to 300 kg Hydrogen per hour
Supplying green energy for logistic trucks & forklifts

APEX tube trailer storage capacity: 500 bar example: 575 kg H2 per trailer

Overall implementation: 8 – 10 months

Our solutions for Logistics

Warehouse Solutions

CO2 neutral warehouse using green hydrogen for electricity power, heat & logistic vehicles

→ Ideal for logistic center
→ Heat & Electricity self-sufficient
→ Forklift hydrogen powered

Electrolysis capacity: 2 MW
APEX industrial hydrogen filling station (FSS): 20 kg H2 / hour
Combined heat and power station: 600 kWel
APEX hydrogen storage system: 500 kg H2
Battery: 1000 kW/1000 kWh

Overall implementation: 8 – 12 months

Bojan Petrov

Bojan Petrov
Head of Sales
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